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Le blog de NAUTE

Le blog de NAUTE

59Rivoli, Paris

59Rivoli, Paris

SDC11930An Open Dialogue, An International Community, A Valuable Chance () The artists' community gathered at the Aftersquat also constitutes a fertile soil for lively cultural exchange (Feb 9, 2010 Cristiana Bedei source: http://www.suite101.com/content/chez-les-artistes-a201022)

 The website http://www.59rivoli.org 

rivoli-59.jpgAfter Crédit Lyonnais abandoned the space, a group of artists claimed the building in 1999. Despite the dead pigeons and syringes that littered the deteriorating structure, the group was soon hosting exhibitions and performances under the name “Chez Robert, électrons libres.” Although the space was illegally occupied, by 2001 it was getting 40,000 visitors a year, making it the third most visited center for contemporary art in Paris. In 2006, the city of Paris acquired 59 Rivoli as part of its effort to bring legality and building safety to popular illegal artist squats. After renovations, it reopened in 2009 with studios for over 30 artists and with  the first two floors of the six-floor ‘dedicated to emerging talent. The gallery located in the very heart is hosting guest’s exhibitions part of collective event, as well as performances and concerts in the ground-floor gallery. “ (source: http://atlasobscura.com/category/museums-and-collections)


No longer marginalized, 59Rivoli have been thrust into the public eye, thanks to the attention of foreign and national press.


 Open from 1 to 8 pm Tuesday to Sunday (11 to 8 Saturdays)


 1 59EXPO 1970